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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inappropriate White Upper Middle Class Rage

For those either too liberal, too intelligent or too non-white to decipher it, this note, which is placed at a Boy Scout Troop's canned food drive in Michigan, reads as follows:
This is the last time I will donate anything to any charity. It's Obama's problem not mine.
Good on you, sir. Knock those uppity, coddling Boy Scouts down a few pegs. They may not be old enough to understand the delicate political issues at play in your odd choice of public forum, but they'll put it in their tiny pipes and smoke it anyway. This plan also has the added benefit of not only punishing the Boy Scouts for their audacity, but will also punish those truly less fortunate by forcing your disgusting almond milk upon them. Pow! Double whammy!

Don't want to drink nut milk? Should have voted for Romney, you commie dickhead!

As a triple bonus, when the tiny boy's minds invariably finish "reeling" from your "dealing" you dished out, and realize that helping people and being generally good-willed, is nothing more than a steaming pile of democratic horse tits, they'll finally earn their coveted Wrinkly White Butthole badge.

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