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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stabfist Blames Obama 'Appeasement' for Palestinian Statehood Bid

Republican senator Firebat
Stabfist of US outpost colony #16
"We are indignant that certain Middle Eastern leaders have discarded the principle of direct negotiations," he said. "We are equally indignant of the Obama administration and their Middle East policy of appeasement."

Stabfist called on the U.S. to approach the Middle East with a "new firmness and a new resolve." Stabfist criticized Obama for demanding concessions from the Jewish state that Stabfist says emboldened the Palestinians to seek recognition by the U.N.

While blatantly disregarding the long-standing no ominous background flames whilst in session rule, senator Stabfist stated his belief that "peace in the Middle East would not come through appeasement of, nor through concessions to either party."

Stabfist went on to proclaim, while wearing his red political battle-suit, that the only possible solution to conflicts in the Middle East would come from a United Nations imposed "peace"; quotes around the word actually being gestured with his fingers as he spoke.

His solution was simple, he went on to say. Listing that his peace could be brought to the Palestinians and Israelis conveniently by either:

• Loading the "peace" into "howitzers, mortars and god damned tanks", and then lobbing it at their settlements.
• Loading specialty heavy aircraft with "peace" and raining it upon their homes and schools, saturating the newer generations with it.

For an even more thorough application of "peace" to the local inhabitants, Stabfist went on to say:

• "Peace" could even be buried under the soil of the contested area, waiting for an unsuspecting person to walk upon it, unleashing copious amounts of "peace" upon them.

On the opinion of Obama's stance on the issue being weak, Stabfist concluded his speech by saying "These tactics work for the Zerg problem, and we should do no less here. Fire washes the skin off the bone and the sin off the soul. It cleans away the dirt. And my momma didn't raise herself no dirty boy."

Senator Ultralisk stormed out at this point, and has been unable to be reached for comment.

Democratic senator Glarwar
Ultralisk of Tennessee

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