Let Me Tell You About A Porcupines Balls

Thursday, October 20, 2011

L&L Hawaiian BBQ Arboricultural Lesson

Knowledge ascertained from a combination of:
  1. Rudimentary arboriculture factoids
  2. Witnessing several patrons of said restaurant
Like a tree, if it were not for the fact that the roots underneath Hawaiian people are as big as the leviathan ordering pork katsu themselves, they would simply fall down.

Simply too massive and resource-intensive to stand unsupported while only gaining nutrients through their mouth holes, it's just science that they rely on an extensive underground root network to hold them up and fuel all their cells. It's also speculated that they may have iron cores, although, as of yet, probes haven't detected the presence of a magnetic field surrounding Hawaiians.

And a good day to you, tuberous sir. I hope your Kalua pork is finding you well.

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