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Friday, October 28, 2011

How You Found My Damn Blog: Part 2

Sadly, you can't buy any of them anymore, as the Louvre has acquired them all to display in their main gallery.
Dear user, we at Google appreciate your attempted regular expression usage. However, we can not, in good conscience, return you results that may include surprising the elderly, clowns, kangaroos or handicapped children with handjobs.
Hmmm...could be any woodland creature or even small people. Everything's hair falls out when they die.
I'm not convinced you actually know what a sleeping bag is or what it's used for. Perhaps you were thinking of a coconut crab?
Did YOU rape a car, or were you raped IN a car? Either way, sounds like a hoot!
Don't hesitate. Don't waste time searching the internet. Don't waste time verifying the cats rightful owner. Just throw it away.
God that's hot.
Just got a fresh shipment in this morning, simply come on by the ol' website.
A wire brush is the obvious choice, but I suppose you're welcome to track down alternative cures.
How could it when the Earth is flat?
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na fagman!
Of course. Naturally. Sagacious choice, sir.
God dammit, I'm tired of attracting people to my blog that fell asleep with their face on their keyboards. It's just not the quality traffic I want. Although, their average time on site is remarkable.
Dildos in the shape a horse? Or ones large enough to use on a horse? Either way, I too would like to see them being used. Only if their primary usage was beating the shit out of people searching for horse dildos, though. I think the irony would be delicious.
Grammatically and physically, I believe this to be outside of your capacity.
Ahh, yes. The old parable about the porcupine that uses the mystic twig as an auto-erotic device, serving as a lesson to kids about the importance of taking pride in one's woodworking skills. One of my favorite fables.
Congratulations! You're the 1,000,000th cheating husband! You win half of your own stuff! Yay!

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