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Friday, October 14, 2011

Nature's Majesty

A truly wondrous thing has happened. A once in a lifetime glimpse into the magical and mysterious inner workings of nature, and her bewildering creatures. Hidden from even the prying eyes of many a nature documentarian, a truly rare event was witnessed by many stunned and awestruck layman onlookers.

For the first time recorded visually, allow me to unveil to the public the royal glory that is the the Queen Brotato.

We're all used to seeing the average worker Brotato drones scurrying about, collecting outrageous t-shirts and Milwaukee's Best for their collective.

But it's exceedingly rare for the queen to leave the nest, let alone be documented doing so. Entomologists believe that global climate change is likely directly responsible for this isolated and uncommon event. Citing that, due to increased temperatures, the hive the Brotatos were occupying before most likely ran out of bronzer and black muscle tees, forcing the colony to locate a new mall to call home.

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