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Monday, November 7, 2011

Demoing Renuzit Scents

According to internal memos, they have a batch of these proposed, but rejected, scents every year. As part of this Plinko-esque process of sorting good smells from bad smells, they offer up their concoctions to the public to test them, before they go on sale. Confusion at how these ever got beyond the Board O' Ideas stage notwithstanding, here are my demoed bold new scents for 2011, from the masters of odors at Renuzit:

Reminds me of the warm smell of discarded live-in husks that filled our home around the holidays. Mostly reminds me of that year grandma had her "accident" at dinner.

Fresh. Crisp. Sharp.
Interestingly reminiscent of that trip I took to Tokyo a few years back.

Spicy is surprisingly accurate. Bold and powerful, this one made my throat burn upon inhalation. Nothing a glass of milk couldn't fix though.

Smells like every cat owner's home I've ever been to. Familiar but not inviting. Excellent packaging design, however.

A cornucopia of aromas and even palatable flavors stemmed from this one. I distinctly picked up on baby corn though.
I hate baby corn.

This one was captivating and pungent. Fresh and natural with overtones of nature walks and suppressed memories.

They nailed the description on this one. My eyes are still watering. Only for the adventurous.

Unpredictably pleasant. Like a combination of pina coladas and tuna fish.

As a home fragrance, I'll pass. As a means of easy fumigation, I think this has a future.

Spot on. I would fist pump this one all the way to the check-out aisle.

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