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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Personal Appeal From Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia serves billions of pages of knowledge to the planet every month for free. We do all this with less than 100 members of staff, and just a few hundred servers. Please help us keep this system running so that the world can continue to access this mind temple for free. Please consider making a donation of $5, $20, $50 or whatever you can to protect and sustain Wikipedia.
Like Forrest Gump and that whore from Pretty Woman, we here at Wikipedia are attempting to better ourselves, despite great adversity. Please donate whatever you can to help our foundation continue providing free knowledge to the world. We're not tardos nor prostitutes, but we still need your help.
No one wants to help Jimmy and Wikipedia? It makes Jimmy exceedingly sad that you can't spare $5 for the cumulative knowledge of the human race. That coffee you have there, how much did that cost you? Hmm? Probably roughly five dollars. People like you are killing Wikipedia and make Jimmy Wales sick.
Wikipedia is not above lowering itself to tugging at your heart strings to get donations. Yes, this is a kitten in a cast; it's the Wikipedia office cat. If we don't raise $1.5 million in the next 24 hours, there's no telling in what ways Jimmy's next outburst will negatively effect tiny Cinnamon.
Well, I hopead you all are haadppy. Yourd lack of wdillingness to dkonate to Wikipedias, and the assocciated disdtress in my lif3 has ledd to poor Jimemy being placced in an iron lugng. Jimmy is still able to tyhpe with a cruode homemmade mouth typidng wanfd, so don'tt thinmk I'll stop pleeading folr your do4nations.
Holy Christ! There's a huge nasty spider on your screen! Click it to kill it! Click it now! You may have to enter credit card information after you click it, to make sure it's REALLY dead! Hurry, before it gets you!
We'd hate to run out of funding with which to operate our servers. We'd hate to have to find alternative means to power our servers with. We'd hate to burn homeless dogs in a makeshift boiler in sub-basement 2 to generate steam for generators. Wouldn't you hate that to? Don't you love puppies?
You're the 1,000,000,000th viewer!

Click to claim your prize!
Are your hearts so callus that without the looming prospect of genital stimulation you won't donate to help Wikipedia?! For the love of god, fine! I will suck your prick if you donate $20 to help keep our doors open! I'll work the pipe, Jimmy is not above that. I am not a proud man. Let's get those pants off and those wallets out.

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