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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYC Smoking Ban

Smoking has been banned from many parts of the U.S. over the last decade. New York City is now taking the war against tobacco a step further with a new law that goes into effect today, banning smoking outdoors - at beaches, boardwalks, parks, and pedestrian plazas.

The ban - which impacts 1,700 parks and 14 miles of city beaches and pedestrian plazas like those around Times Square - was passed by the City Council in February despite some lawmakers' concerns that it violated individual liberties. New York outlawed smoking in restaurants in 1995, a rule that other cities have since adopted.

Despite the new increase in anti-smoking regulation, many critics and citizens in New York are saying that it's still not enough, and want even more legislation. Under this pressure, the New York City Council passed what is arguably the strongest anti-smoking bill yet passed anywhere.

This new bill makes it mandatory for all smokers to purchase (out of pocket) their own version of a early diving bathysphere, dubbed the smokeysphere, that will contain the smoke to their own person, and force them to continue breathing it through a "hotbox" system. This system will prevent any smoke from escaping into the environment, thereby removing second-hand smoke as well as any environmental impact the smoke my have. The suit is to be worn at all times outside of their private residences, where smoking may be allowed indoors.

It's hoped that the high start-up costs of the system, coupled with it's awkward and encumbering nature will further reduce the amount of smokers in the city.

The poorest inhabitants including Bronx and Brooklyn residents will use this base model.
Wall Street employees and Staten Island residents will have access to the upgrade "gang-rape proof" model.

Any smokers found either not using, or having a leak in, their smokeysphere will be subject to either a $1,500 fine or death by East River exposure.

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