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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best SEO Practices

For anyone that works with the internet, one common hurdle that many of us face is "how do I get traffic on my site(s)?". Naturally you want your hard work to show up in Google/Yahoo/MSN search results, and get the tasty tasty traffic that having a sweet website affords you. With numerous books and countless web articles devoted to the topic of best search engine optimization practices, it can seem daunting finding a real nugget of wisdom that pays off. There are so many varying ideas, so how can you find what works best without spending your life researching?

I'm here to show you how!

The concept that will have the biggest impact is having popular keywords on your site. That is to say having content on your site that contains the phrases people are searching for. That may sound complicated at first; I mean, how do you know what's popular and will drive traffic to your site? Fear not, for I keep my finger on the pulse of the internet and will guide you through this.

For best results, simply copy the below text and paste it on your site.

<!-- start copying here -->

Horny neighborhood wives,  4chan sluts,  How to make money on the internet,  Cheap Viagra,  How to get girls to like me,  Fuck girls now,  Sports betting,  Make money without putting pants on,  Light bulb stuck in vagina,  Why is Barack Obama evil,  Girl on top,  Get free money,  Dirty cum whores,  Teen buttholes,  Facebook finger fuck,  Shave pubes,  Big black cocks,  Free coupons,  Better than free coupons,  Gay Power Ranger,  Dating sites,  Bang white women,  Why's the Nigerian prince money not in my account,  Glenn Beck inspirational poster,  Make girlfriend have anal sex,  NASCAR is awesome,  Free beer,  Titty fuck chicks,  Celebrity nip slip photos,  What if I had tits on my ass,  Play poker without putting pants on,  2012 zombie apocalypse,  Blowjobs while playing NES,  lolcats,  Botched ass cheek implants,  Free iPad,  Mighty Ducks movies,  eBay mail order brides,  Lose 50 pounds a week,  Tasty sex,  Runny shits,  Bible scriptures,  How to masturbate at work,  Loose women,  Interracial sex,  Make meth at home,  Back pain from 12 inch dick,  Get insanely rich,  Rap MP3s that make me cool,  Brazilian girls farting,  Transformers movies give me boner,  Bumps on dick,  Get paid to take surveys,  Survey website won't pay me,  Sexy chat,  Balls in ass,  My wife is a bitch,  How to fuck the babysitter,  My husband is a dick,  Divorce lawyer,  Cameltoe photos,  Latina asses,  Fart ringtones,  New Star Wars movie,  Am I pregnant,  Anal creampies

<!-- end copying here -->

That's it!

Prepare your wheelbarrow for the trip to the theoretical internet bank, as you watch the traffic pour in now!

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