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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Advance In Japanese Cleanup Efforts

Using their advanced knowledge of robotics, the Japanese government began testing today of a new system that would cut cleanup time of the country down to a matter of weeks. Scientists and government officials in Minamisanriku unleashed the first of a proposed fleet of giant Roomba robots today, which will roam the countryside, sweeping them free of debris.

Shown here prior to activation, at its control center at a local school.

Aerial photo taken just minutes after the robots initialization.

Scientists estimate that this program will have the country roughly 90-95% clean in just two and a half weeks. All the collected trash will be disposed of in the appropriately sized waste disposal site "New Jersey", that's been used for decades. The only potential problem, the scientists state, is that the Roombas are poor at navigating any obstructions, including hills.

Taken 15 minutes later, we can see the interaction with one of literally thousands of obstacles the Roombas will encounter.

This is exciting and harrowing news for a country that's had so much devastation and sadness as of late. As such, the Japanese people are welcoming their new robot overlords with tears of joy.

No word yet on how Mothra will react to the anticipated fleet of 20 robots that will be released, but officials are confident they will accomplish their tasks without much hindrance; apart from the slight hills and overturned ships in their paths, which will force them to re-route.

Japanese citizens are urged to stay out of the path of the Roombas, as they will either lead to immediate death, or a not so immediate transplant to New Jersey.

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  1. In other efforts, the Prince was deployed in the neighboring Fukushima prefecture and cleanup efforts are rolling along...