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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food Makes Me Fat

Food is so tasty, no question about that. What is in question is the amount of degradation in both attractiveness and physical well-being that occurs when I, invariably, shovel way too much in. I call the transformation that occurs from this Jeremy Clarkson Syndrome; or simply JCS, which can be easily illustrated here:

Characterized cheifly by the following symptoms:
  • Bloated, distended, sun-burnt gut
  • Feeling like death inside
Wal-Mart shopper appearance and smushing of all other internal organs aside, the torso-development isn't entirely negative. Allow me to illustrate with an image enhancement sequence.

 If we enhance the last frame using all the greatest CSI technology available to modern-man, the following becomes revealed:

The otherwise disgusting protrusion is easily revealed to contain a rainforest-esque ecosystem. Due to the large size and associated gravitational pull, a warm and rainy climate develops around the belly. This, in turn, supports the life cycles of a large swath of colorful forest creatures.

The upper emergent layer, clearly visible with the tree-tops, supports many colorfully and vocally loud birds. The juicy canopy layer is perfect for a whole host of tree-frogs and (not visible) sloths. The delicate understory provides shelter for various fluffy primates that live off the grubs and fruits found in the lower layers.

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